Monday, November 13, 2017

In Mahajanga

Have arrived safely in Mahajanga. Left Tana at 06.30 in the morning, and came here a bit over 5 pm.

Haven't been to this side of Madagaskar before, so the road and scenary are quite different. I've put out some photos on my Facebook profile so that ppl can look there.

We drove throuhg areas with no ppl, then suddenly there was a little town - ppl everywhere with their shops, produce, yelling, screeming and everything that there is when lots of ppl get are together to try to sell their things. Ppl are smiling, greeting and wanting to sell what they have.

The closer we got to Mahajanga the warmer it got, except for the place where we ate. Maevatanana the temp said 38 C - a tad hot and a very little breeze. So before we got back into the van, they put on the AC - very appreciated.

There is a drought here now, and lots of the bridges we crossed didn't have water under them at all. Some has large contrstuctions, so one can understand that when the water finally arrives it's massive. Will try to get a picture of one of the bridges.

Came to the hotel, and it's and there is a nice breeze. Am a bit tired, but we sit and chat for a while before supper and an early night.

The following day I go to church, and it's a tinroofed and tinwalled church - it's very hot. Even the locals are sweeting. After sitting in church for over 2 hours and not having given the offering yet, and said lets go. A local guy Jacob was with me. They had just stared to have auction in church. It's a normal thing to have, but it was too hot.

The afternoon was nice and relaxing, and we went for a walk in the neighbour hood in the afternoon.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

In Madagaskar

We arrived safely and sound. The flight was not bad at all. The longest flight was 7 hours or so, the last leg of the flight had few ppl so  we were able to use 3 seats or so each and had a bit of a sleep. Our stay in Tana was good. Went for a little walk that evening, and showed the team Isoraka which used to be the Norwegian hub in Tana.

The team went on to go to Mahajanga, while I went to Antsirabe.
Before leaving I met up with some good friends. We had some tea and a little snack. Then I got in the car and went to Antsirabe. Took some photos on the road which was posted on Facebook.

On Saturday I went to the hospital to greet ppl there, and was warmly welcomed. And they had just delivered a baby. Hang out with them for a little bit, before going over to the former Norwegian school. Good to c the place again. Not many ppl there, so took come photos and moved on.

I had been able to get hold of Solofotina, my pastor my dad used to work with. Had asked them to meet me. There will be about 7 or 8 of us he said. But when they came they were 11. So we quickly set the table for more ppl. It was great to c them again. Before my dad passed, he had wanted to make a photobook for Solofotina, which we were able to make. Dad approved of the book. They were sitting looking, laughing and having a grand time. Had a meal together before they all went home.

Sunday was church day, 2,5 hours in church. And after church I was invited to a friends house. Had a good time with fellowship with them.

Monday and Tuesday I've been to the hospital, helping out. Mainly in maternity. Lovely time.

We have bought mattresses for the pediatric ward and for maternity, hope that they will get here b4 leaving to Tana on Friday morning.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Traveling to Madagascar the 1st of November - 27 November 2017.

It's been a few years since I've updated the blog. =)

Trips have been made both to Mozambique and Uganda - but there is no time to tell all that happened there. I can only say, I'll try to update next time.

The trip this time is to Madagascar.

We are 5 nurses from the Sørlandet Sykehus Kristiansand, (the main hospital) that over that last year has planned to travel to Andranomadio a local hospital in Antsirabe Madagascar. Helping out in different wards, and help with some programs in the villages surrounding Antsirabe. And show them some of the places where I had my childhood. Well that was the plan.

THEN....... There is a pest outbreak in Madagascar.
Every year there is a outbreak Yersinia pestis in Madagascar (October-February).

Do we go, do we stay, what about insurance – will they cover???? Questions are many. The health department hasn’t said don’t go…..
Things have been talked about, discussed, re-evaluated…..

The thing that was new now, was that new areas were hit. And this year it hit the capital and the surrounding villages. It was more severe this year cuz it came as lung pest.
If not treated it's 100% fatal.
They had 4 ppl infected in Antsirabe, whom got treated and sent home, at the hospital we were going to helping out.
Each year there are Norwegian nurse students that come to Andranomadio for their internship, and they were sent home because of the pest. Which made ppl more concerned about traveling to Antsirabe. Understandable!!
The main doctor at Andranomadio said it's ok to come there now, cuz they haven't had any more incidences with the pest there.

Because of the circumstances, the team are leaving for Mahajunga to stay out of Antananarivo (Tana, the capital) and I'll be going to Antsirabe for a week. Then I'll join them there after one week.

They will have some program/fieldwork in Mahajunga, and we'll work together there from the 11th of November.

Mahajunga is a city I've never been to, so that will be exciting.

Will try to have updates here frequently when I'm in Madagascar!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Not sure if you remember this little boy, his name was Lira (11) years old. He had fallen down from about 10 meters (30 feet) and broken his back. This happened in September/October 2013.

I just received news that he passed away Saturday. Not sure about the circumstances, but he had been in and out of the hospital since the accident. He went home during my apprenticeship at Andranomadio. Before they left I asked them, the father, if they could keep me updated on how things went with him. Lira was so happy to be able to go home, despite being paralyzed. He didn't know for sure if he'd ever be able to walk again, because of the numbness in his legs. During the hospitalization he had some feeling, but not enough to be able to walk.

My prayer and thoughts goes to his family and friends. Just wanted to keep you informed, just like I promised.  

Friday, January 17, 2014


Some of you are only following me or reading this blog but not on my friends list on facebook.
I would like to get as many ppl involved in this project as possible.

Many of you know that I had my last apprenticeship at a hospital in Antsirabe, Madagaskar. At Andranomadio to be more specific. With that, there has been a thing on my heart to share and do for a long time.
During surgeries at the hospital, unfortunately the power often goes out. And then one have to use a flash light, a head lamp or your flashlight on your cell to get the operation done. That is unfortunately very common.
So I would like for you to consider:
Do you want to help with a donation to get a generator so that the "bloc" always will have power when they are in surgery!
Join the group Andrdranomadio, generator on facebook. And from there you can contribute toward a generator, if you like. No pressure to anyone - but when the money is all in - you will be notified.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Last day in Tana!

It's time to wrap things up and head back to Norway to finish up the bachelor degree =).

Time spent with lovely people, new friendships, new experiences, lots of memories for life - and nice and sunny weather.

A sunset overlooking Ranomafana in Antsirabe the last evening we were there.

Lovely time, I'll be back. If anyone want to come with me, just let me know =)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Internship in mercy ministry!

A fellow student Marie (also a friend) has joined me for a 2 weeks internship in mercy ministries here in Madagaskar. (It's part of our nursing curriculum). We have had some amazing times with people in the hospital, the Toby, feeding the poor of the poor, IRIS ministries among other things.

The Toby is a place where many poor people come and ppl with mental illnesses come or are being brought by family members. They come to get prayed for and get medicine for free. It's a ministry that is under the umbrella of the Lutheran Malagasy Church, and the ppl that are helping out are the deacons/shepherds. It's an amazing ministry, and lots and lots of ppl are getting prayed for, healed and set free from their misery. At this specific Toby there are 160 people living and among them there are 24 deacons, but only 19 of them stays at the premises and are responsible for the ill people. They are divided into rooms, men and women are separate - and they often have a couple take care of them. A few of the ill people are chained because they are a danger to themselves and to others. Chained at their feet, so that they can't walk very fast - and not run. Some because they would run away and get themselves in trouble. There are many stories and many destinies. But they are happy to be there and get help. Some of the deacons have been ill themselves, gotten well and have taken the course to become a deacon so that they can help others.

Marie and I played with the kids, sang with them, told them stories, played and drew pictures with them. Many of them are left to themselves because their parents are mentally ill. Some of the children are also ill, but the other children bring them along and we have play also.

They like to sing, and they wanted to learn more songs; so we tried to teach them some Norwegian songs and they sang as if they hadn't done anything but that =). So fun and so rewarding.

We also went with another friend of mine Bakoly, to feed the poorest of the poor. It was so powerful to c them all come in and listen to the Word first, then they had an offering before they would line up and get their cup of rice, 2 cups of beans and a little soap. Even if they are poor, they still have a smile on their faces happy to be able to hear the Word and then give some of what they have - before receiving. We have so much to learn from them! They gave out of the little they had, we give out of our abundance!!